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Teal from United States (website)
Tha from Brazil (website)
The Meg-chan from United States (website)
Tiff from United States (website)
Tiffany from United States (website)
Tina from Germany (website)
Toni from Canada (website)
Tori from United States (website)
Toxic from Germany (website)
Nightwish Imaginaerum with Anette Olzon
Tracy from England (website)
Trish from Uganda (website)
Valeria from Lithuania (website)
Valorie from United States (website)
Vanessa from United States (website)
No Doubt back in 2000, it was my first concert.
Veronica from Canada (website)
Veronicah from Brazil (website)
Veronika from Poland (website)
Veronique from Austria (website)
Vetilien from Poland (website)
Vief from Netherlands (website)
Virginia from United States (website)
Vivi from Chile (website)
Viviana from Chile (website)
Vivien from United States (website)
Wendy from Netherlands (website)
Winky from France (website)
Xanthania from Germany (website)
Yomi from Germany (website)
Yumi from Belgium (website)
Zo from England (website)