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Working On A Dream

Welcome to the only "fanlisting" listed at The Fanlistings Network for concerts/gigs! I started to going to concerts as soon as I started to earn my own money as a teen - it was all I wanted, for those songs and musicians that became part of my life to come alive in colours, movement, passion - concerts are amongst the most definitive experiences of my life. If you too are a fan of concerts, then you can join a worldwide list of fans who also adore them! (Many thanks to Judith for her patience, and handing over this fanlisting to me! ♥)

This fanlisting was last updated on 28th August 2017, when Decemberlady, and Sam was added to the list. In total, there are 628 fans of concerts and gigs, from 47 different countries. 0 fans are waiting to be added.